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Kendra Robertson has been around the block. Maybe not in terms of decades and decades, but through her experiences. Born with the bug to perform, she began her career at Café S.O.U.L. in Providence, Rhode Island. A natural talent with a microphone, Kendra started out shy and unsure if there was a call for her unique voice. There was.


She thrived in the environment and outpouring of positive energy, enough that she returned to be the featured poet in April 2015. Drawing on life experiences for motivation, Kendra would scribble her thoughts into a journal at a young age as a way to relieve her boredom and loneliness.  The youngest of three, she often found herself alone. The liberating feeling of having a pen and paper inspired her to do more. Thoughts turned into poems and rhymes and, before she knew it, Kendra was actively transforming her poems into raps.

Born in Rhode Island, Kendra has moved across the country, from Newark, New Jersey, to Houston, Texas. When not composing her next masterpiece, she enjoys cooking. 

Her message to everyone is to be yourself! It’s all right to be uncensored, and there is no one to seek validation from more important than yourself…just make sure they spell your name right!

dear god, it's me - official book trailer (part 1)

The official book trailer video for Dear God, It's Me

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